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If you are serious about your website the best advice is to get a professional to design and build it for you. Talk to several companies and get quotes from each. Ask them questions and try to make sure you are comparing quotes for sites with the same specifications. If you don't feel you know enough about the internet to evaluate what they say our glossary page may help and you can learn more about web development at sites like this:

The most important thing about any website, is that it is easy to find. If you want new visitors to your site you will want to appear as near to the top of the SERP as possible. In the development of a website there are many aspects of the site structure, copywriting, text layout, content and metatag data and links that will affect this. Anything you do to improve the performance of your website will be of benefit and there are many great sites with free utilities and tools that you can use yourself to diagnose your website's faults and make it work harder. Here are just a few:

Once you have your website online a good way to attract visitors is to use directories and referral sites that will list your website and refer visitors to you. Registering with these sites will promote your website to a wider audience and may also improve its position on the SERPs (because of the value of the backlinks). Here are some sites that offer free listings and some even give you your own home page where you can upload images and text:

If these are not right for you try a Google search - the list of directories is growing all the time.

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